About WalkTalk 

WalkTalk is an exclusive and international cultural production house, curating one-of-a-kind professional journeys and programs around the globe and establishing social networks between art and design leaders and masters worldwide

Our programs are based on extensive research, collaborating with key players in the world’s cultural hubs, and connecting local experts with art and design enthusiasts. Each program is a masterclass study where our audience and masters interact and build a dialogue in order to expand the current cultural discourse  

We believe that in order to get a deep understanding of the multicultural world – from art to design, from food to hospitality, from architecture to fashion –  one must get the right critical tools, inspiring experiences and in-person dialogues with the people who shape today and tomorrow’s art and design landscape

Our clients are high-end professionals who are seeking to expand their knowledge and professional network and to be involved in the most crucial matters in today’s international cultural agenda

Where? WalkTalk is an ongoing journey, where each program is part of the big cultural collage of our times. We always search for the most interesting cities and places around the globe, seeking a deep understanding of what makes a place, its artists, designers, architects, collectors, experts, curators and key players – special and meaningful. Our destinations are the cutting edge cities and places where our culture is built and advanced

Why? Our programs are bespoke journeys which allow exclusive access to the people and places you can’t meet anywhere else. We offer well-thought, deep and immersive experiences that are produced and executed only once with professional teams who give you a unique level of connoisseurship and insights

Who? For each program we establish productive collaborations with experts based in the city, a team of key players in the art and design scenes that guides our small audience into the cutting edge places and people of the arts and design scenes